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Blood Orange - Hope

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Well , wonder no more. We present to you 'Liked By' where you get to experience your favourite artist's intimate moments with music. First segment is 'Liked By: Daniel Caesar.' Enjoy!

Thesis Of The Month

Mnelia “After 6”

After exploding onto the scene in early 2020, Mnelia has fast become the one to watch. Embodying the evolution of British R&B as we’ve never seen it before, she’s going for gold. Born Monique Amelia to parents from Guinea Bissau by way of Gambia; the North-West London singer-songwriter kickstarted 2020 with the release of her seminal single ‘Say Yeah’. 


Mnelia’s irresistible melodies, flawless vocal and a healthy dose of nostalgia is a recipe for greatness. Throw in a serving of female empowerment and you can understand why she’s already deemed the leader of the pack.


Although ‘Say Yeah’ is the single that put her on the map, Mnelia was making her mark long before that. Her debut EP ‘2:4’, released on her 20th birthday is an early example of Mnelia’s lyrical dexterity and vocal prowess with tracks like ‘Luv’ and ‘Speeding’ setting the tone for what was to come. She followed this up with a guest appearance on 23Unofficial’s album, proving that Mnelia’s pen game had caught the attention of rappers and singers alike. 


To celebrate the success of ‘Say Yeah’, Mnelia released a live acoustic version of the track. This sultry offering showcases what her voice can really do while accompanied by a lush grand piano. Mnelia has proved that less is more and the anticipation for new music continues to build; leaving fans eagerly waiting to see what Mnelia does next.

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