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2020; The "Ocean" Year. Or not...

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

When was the last time we recieved a full body of thesis from Frank Ocean since the impressionable "Blonde" in 2016? I mean if I'm being honest, I can't complain. His previous work of art will always lives on. They never get old. There's a sense of nostalgia that follows them.

Frank has been teasing us with a steady drip of stand-alone singles since releasing Blonde in 2016. Perhaps it's the fact that he was headlining Coachella in April and needed something new to play to his fans. Or maybe, just maybe he's just working on a new full-length album. Frank has always had a way of releasing new music out of the blue but this time, it seems rather tactical. Maybe these singles are pre-ludes to a full thesis.

Signing a publishing deal with Warner Chappell back in December 2019 was also enough for me to make this assumption as it's the first time he’s been aligned with a major label since leaving Def Jam just before Blonde dropped. This is major and something major only calls for an album right?

Well in Franks case, a lot of singles. But we still have hope. The year isn't over yet.

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