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Save The Day

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Mariah Carey dropped a new single back in August featuring Lauryn Hill, and it’s an entire bop!

I’ve loved Mariah Carey since I was a little girl, so any song that she releases has always gotten me super excited.

Save the Day is the lead single from her upcoming 16th album that will be released in a matter of weeks. MC, as I like to call her, will be releasing a compilation album called The Rarities, which will include unreleased track demos and other songs from her career spanning decades, that were not completed at the time.

After doing some digging, I actually discovered that Save the Day was a song that Mariah had started working on with Jermain Dupri back in 2011, with the intention for it to be a charity single featuring a variety of artists but was put on hold.

So, to find out that her and Lauryn Hill were collaborating on a track, I couldn’t wait. Both artists are living legends in my eyes so finding out that they would be on a track together brought me so much joy. However, after actually listening to it, I quickly realised that Save the Day isn’t necessarily a collab per se. It’s more of a sample rather than a collab. Regardless, I think the song was executed very well!

Save the Day is a beautiful song that samples Lauryn Hill’s voice from the classic Fugee’s track, Killing Me Softly. You can hear her voice throughout as Mariah Carey adds her heartfelt vocals to it. With all that’s taken place in this year alone, she couldn’t have released Save the Day at a better time as the message in the song was very timely.

Although Save the Day isn’t the collab that I imagined, it sets a great tone for Mariah’s upcoming album. I'm still hopeful that one day we can get an actual collab.

Have you had a listen to Save the Day yet? What do you think about it?

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