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An Antidote We All Need

We’re barely a month into 2021, but Nao and Adekunle Gold may have just given us the collaboration of the year with their song Antidote.

As per the name, Antidote, it's intended to serve as a remedy to uplift us all in these difficult times. With the pandemic and 2020 as a whole, this song serves as a positive breath of fresh air.

When releasing the song Nao said:

Here is a gift to give you some positivity going into 2021. Me & Adekunle wrote ‘Antidote’ as a musical remedy to these times & an ode to our daughters, who were both born weeks apart during the pandemic. They filled us with love.

Adekunle further added

This song is a perfect description of how I feel about my daughter. Love usually feels like a concept, sometimes invisible, but with her it’s so tangible because she’s right there. I’m so obsessed with her that if she wasn’t around me, I wouldn’t be OK, I guess that’s what antidote is, a cure, a loving cure to the things that ail me.

The supporting visuals for the song also sees both artists celebrating their beautiful daughters.

Listening to it can instantly put you in a great mood whilst planting a smile on your face. It's a song that's very soothing to listen to and it's just overall good vibes. The entire song is a masterpiece and the visuals are a beautiful work of art too.

It's a collaboration I would've never expected, so hearing it completely blew my mind. I'm absolutely here for this collaboration and more collaborations from them would be more than ideal. If they were to do a joint project in future, I'd be first in line to listen.

In the mean time though, I'll just enjoy taking in this Antidote.

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