Azekel - Family / Mental Health (Chapter 1 & 2)

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

It wouldn't be a creative pill without this amazing short film. A soulful family portrait that leaves you pondering heritage and intimacy in fatherhood.

Nigerian born producer and singer-songwriter Azekel (Azekel Adesuyi) shares Chapter 1 (Family) and Chapter 2 (Mental Health) of the short film accompanying his debut Album Our Father,  released in May.

Chapter 1 includes Don't Wake The Babies, Can We Have Fun (In This House Tonight)?, Black Is Beauty (Daughters)—and Chapter 2 includes Pyramids & Starships, Loading, and Hollow. 

The film is almost like a journey through the life of Azekel as he discovers and learns about his identity as a young black family man faced with the realities of teaching his kids about their identity. We get to experience the rich culture of blackness and the warmness that comes with with it.

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