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Chapter V by Asi

Asi is an up-and-coming Soul/R&B artist from Ghana, who recently dropped a debut EP called Chapter V.

Chapter V is a short but sweet EP, consisting of 5 tracks. When describing the EP, Asi said

This project was birthed out of love, love I give to myself and love I devote to other things.

The EP starts off with an intro in the form of a poem from Songs of Songs 5:2-8, before transitioning into the ultimate heart break song, You Hurt Me.

Asi's voice is absolutely beautiful, allowing Chapter V to be very pleasant to the ears. The songs that stood out the most on the first and consecutive listens were Say Something and You Hurt Me.

I believe she also wrote every song on Chapter V which I think is very commendable. As such a young emerging talent (she's only 21), it's fair to say that she has a very bright music career ahead of her!

If I had to describe the overall sound of the EP, I’d say it was a blend of Afrobeats sounds with Soul and R&B, but heavy on the Soul part. For a debut project, Chapter V is good in terms of quality and sound.

As well as this project, Asi is definitely an artist worth checking out!

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