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Cina Soul's Die 4 You

Cina Soul is a very talented Ghanaian musician signed to Universal Music Group. As an artist, Cina Soul has a diverse range and is able to tap into the genres R&B, Soul and Highlife by singing in both English and Ga. She's well known for her song Killi Mi, which addresses domestic violence.

Her latest track called Die 4 You came out on Wednesday, and it's a really great song. I've heard her on a few features this year, but I believe Die 4 You is her first and only single of the year.

Die 4 You is a very sweet song, that’s even more beautiful due to Cina Soul’s soothing voice. It's a song about being in love and willing to die for the love. This does sound a bit extreme but the way Cina Soul sings it, makes sound so romantic.

It's a song that you can enjoy tirelessly. I couldn't get enough of it when I first heard it and had to play it back a few times. Die 4 You is song that's undoubtedly worth listening to from start to finish.

And if you haven't listened to Cina Soul yet, you‘re actually missing out.

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