Find The Playlist For You, By Finding You...(Quiz)

- What best describes your mood now?

  1. Feeling spontaneous and empowered

  2. Feeling overwhelmed and in need of some 'me time'

  3. Feeling loved and inspired

  4. In need of good company and a "walk"

  5. All the above :/

- What music genre do you find yourself listening to the most?

  1. Rap and Alté

  2. Neo-Soul and Jazz Rap

  3. R&B and Pop/Contemporary

  4. Afrobeats/Afroswing

  5. None of the above

- If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

  1. Tokyo

  2. Los Angeles

  3. Bora Bora

  4. Cuba

  5. Not too sure you know

- Who are you in public?

  1. I'm always looking for a good time

  2. Making excuses to get back inside

  3. Hoping I bump Inyo a friend/ a loved one

  4. With my headphones in and music playing

  5. Do I even go out? That's the question LOL

- Pick an artist

  1. J Dilla

  2. Floetry

  3. Daniel Caesar

  4. Burna Boy

  5. Tierra Whack


1 - 5 : "Dem Man There" Vol 1 & 2 Playlist is all you.

You are spontaneous and always geared up for change. You always make the most of every moment as you're a strong believer of "nothing last forever". You crave change and hate doing repetitive tasks.

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6 - 10: "Soul Tonic" Playlist has your name written all over it.

You're an old soul at heart. You take pride in the finer details. Due to this, you find yourself too busy and too fatigued forgetting to take care of yourself. You enjoy music that brings you peace and sanity amongst your chaotic schedule. Take some time off today. Why don't you take a long bath, burn some incense, put this playlist on and sip on some wine. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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11 - 15: "Psychedelic Lovers" Playlist is a bit of you

You're a lover of all thing. You love love. You love the idea of love. Apart from loving love, you also love being loved. You are a hopeless romantic and sometimes people take advantage of this. Your transparency opens new opportunities for you and encourages people to feel at home upon first interaction. Play the playlist and bask in love and everything in-inbetween.

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16 - 20: "UNWIND" Playlist has just what you need.

Your tough exterior has people thinking you don't need checking on. But you do. You crave the company and time of loved ones. You are emotional but you mask all this up with a cool and almost effortless cover. "UNWIND" playlist will encourage transparency and enable you to breathe and be yourself. It's also great for a walk too.

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21 - 25: "Hues & Blues" and pretty much all our playlist is YOU to a T.

You're the perfect listener. You taste in music is so broad. You're the friend everyone suggests to play their their aux. You're a cool bean!

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We want to hear from you. Comment below your favourite playlist so far.

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