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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Xavier Omar - Blind Man

Well known for his early hit tracks “Blind man” and “Grown man”, Xavier Omar the soulful RnB artist and writer, was raised in Texas, San Antonio. Xavier’s father was the minister of his church, a producer and writer. His mother and siblings were also musicians.

Today’s lyric of the day is dedicated to his title track from his “Pink lightning” EP released in 2017. Ironically the song is named “Title” and it seems Xavier enjoys a little play on words as the song explores the concept of titles and how he feels about the importance of giving a name to a feeling, and more importantly a relationship.

“Cause no one fights to be the number one contender forever

I want the title

Say I'm yours, say you're mine”

He speaks about the discouragement felt when you don’t know what you’re into with someone. Labels although for some can be restraining and confining, telling the right person that you are theirs and that they are yours can create security and purpose. This can make one strive for more, give more and want more for each other. Playing out all the parts of a relationship without the name can leave one feeling bereaved and at a loss, which ultimately ends the “relationship”.

“You don't have to keep me shackled

Just be honest, let me go

I don't have to be your hassle

Maybe when you leave I'll grow

I'll be better than this 'cause I don't know”

If you haven’t heard this track, take a moment and take it in. Let us know in comments your fav lyric from this track.

Written & Submitted by Idil Aaden.

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