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New music from J Cole: The Climb Back and Lion King on Ice

So at the end of July, J Cole dropped the first two songs from The Fall Off.

As a reminder, The Fall Off is an album that’s supposed to be a follow up to J Cole's 2018 KOD album. KOD gave us hits such as ATM, Kevin’s Heart and Photograph. If you recall, the final track on that album is titled as ‘1985 (Intro to “The Fall Off”) and it was hinted that this would be J Cole’s next album. Well lo and behold, the album will be dropping soon…sort of.

Earlier in July, J Cole tweeted:

No date for the album yet, taking my time, still finishing.

Which sounds like good news because it will mean that the album will not be rushed, and he will give us another masterpiece. But for now, as aforementioned, he did release the first two songs from The Fall Off: The Climb Back (produced by J Cole) and Lion King on Ice (produced by J. Cole, T-Minus, and Jetson).

Both songs were amazing to listen to!

According to Genius, The Climb Back is centred around J. Cole's journey in rediscovering his love for rap, whilst also addressing some of his traumatic life experiences. The chorus goes like this:

Everything come back around full circle

Why do lies sound pleasant, but the truth hurtful?

Everybody gotta cry once in a while

But how long will it take 'fore you smile?

This is that come-back-to-life shit

As for Lion King on Ice, some people have seen parts of it as a diss to Lil Pump. If you remember, in the track 1985, J Cole also seemingly threw shots at Lil Pump.

These are the lyrics that have caught people's eyes:

N***a dissed me, it was nonsense

I sat 'em down like his father

My n***a asked, 'Why you bother?'

We should've caught him and mobbed him

I said, 'We gotta move smarter,'" "Don't wanna be the reason for one more sad song

I tried to warn n***as they wouldn't last long

I hope that you see how they came and they want

They shots never hit but they made their attempts

Have you had a listen to any of these yet? What do you think about both tracks?

(Source: Genius)

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