Ragz Originale Creating His Own Lane

In the realm of contemporary RnB and alternative music, more specifically in the UK, the sonic fabric changes and reforms remarkably. With proud culture, tradition, history and soul the UK music scene makes their mark infusing the growing popularity of retro-futuristic soul with jazz, afro beat, trap, grime and hip hop elements. Creating music that feels both familiar and fresh all at once.

Artist of the month (AOTM)

Ragz Originale is currently one of London’s most refreshing voices and a great example of where RnB and alternative music sits in the UK scene. Ragz known well as a beat maker, began to produce for Skepta and is responsible for three tracks from his 2016 number one album “Konnichiwa”, and notably the track “Shutdown”.

It seems Ragz has garnered accolades and experience through grime and its crucial to appreciate the multifaceted artistry and how the fluid approach to genre can allow a musician to refine his sound and voice. Although he was known for his grime production, he detached from the genre to release his first album in 2018 “Nature” and lead a new wave of alternative UK music.

Ragz Originale’s is a son of a bass guitarist and has been in the ‘scene’ authentically from young. His sound today from a listeners ear comprises of clean melodies, catchy hooks, slow tempo afrobeat, light airy tone & lyricism and the perfect synchronisation of it all. Moreover, his choice of who he features is also a great reflection of his own sound and taste. Artist like ‘Bellah’ ’Sam Wise’ ‘Oscar #worldpeace’ and others have been great complements to his style.

Personally I appreciate his creative direction, his selective style and visuals all complement and reflect his sound and one thing I’ve noticed is how short his songs are. The listener is naturally left wanting more. It might be intentional but it adds to the whole concept and rhetoric Ragz has maintained in his art “Less is more”.



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