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Snoh Alaegra - Dying 4 Your Love Review

The R&B songstress released her new single “Dying 4 Your Love” on Friday, July 10. Taking to social media, she announced the release date and revealed the sexy cover art, which finds her naked under blue lights. The CD case carries a parental advisory sticker that reads, “Sad girl lyrics" and you know what, I should've taken that caution because I am the "Sad Girl."

The track takes us back to a nostalgic moment where the songstress is in a familiar and vulnerable territory, longing for and second-guessing a distant ex-lover. The striking I.P.W-directed and Parris Goebel-choreographed visuals are a perfect complement to the future and the past, playing out the way someone may have imagined a neon-light and hologram-filled landscape of a Jetson-like 2020 back in the 1990s. It also encourages the theme of nostalgia and "What could've been."

Aalegra sings:

“Yeah I was dying for your love, your love/So tell me baby do you want me like I want you?/Even if you do, you wouldn’t say, I know you/Some nights I even think about it, flash and call you/’Cause I thought you are the one.”

Snoh is hypothetically asking if her ex-lover wants her as much as she wants him and even if he does she knows him too well to know he wouldn’t mention the feelings he’s harboring for her. This lyric hit hard for a lot of us as it was almost like looking at our reflection in the mirror.

We've all been there Snoh but we don't usually sing about it so beautifully so thank you for sharing this intimate experience with us.

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