"Swarve - Best Friend" Premiere

"Its’ just all about timing . This is just the beginning for me."

On Sunday, 11th April 2021, Swarve will be dropping his single “Best Friend” alongside visuals directed by our in house director, Laré A. “Best Friend” is a smooth nostalgic Rap/R&B infused track that playfully expresses the realisation of a new found love between two friends and what that looks like in the future.

Swarve's passion for music and song-writing was birthed at a young age via creative outlets like poetry. This then led him full circle as he took up DJing for a couple of years as a teenager. He is back now and doing what he loves the most; sharing stories and experiences through music.

With influences from artists such as Nas, Q-Tip, Usher and Donell Jones, Swarve describes his sound and approach to writing as smooth, melodic and multifaceted. He incorporates these influences to his music, creating his own unique style of rap and storytelling that feels familiar & almost like home to a lot of us.

Balancing his work life while refining his sound over the last few years hasn’t been the easiest of tasks given the demand of time for both, but he plans to put out more music and “Best Friend” is just the beginning.

Ahead of the premiere of the track and visuals, w head the opportunity to interview Swarve about the track and everything music related.

1. Tell us a bit about Swarve?

Well, I was born and raised in South London with Nigerian origins. Currently in full time work as a management accountant and I also founded and co-own a clothing brand. Despite the time both roles take, my main passion is music. It’s something that has been part of me from childhood. Started writing poetry in primary school which lead to rapping and recording tracks with my friends in one of their kitchens throughout secondary school. I then went full circle and took up DJing for a couple of years and now I’m back doing what I love, making music.

2. How did “Best Friend” come about? Tell us the story behind it?

The process of bringing this track to life has been quite the journey. I had written the first few bars of this track a number of years ago, initially just a concept for a potential track. Those bars had been sitting in my notes for quite a while before I heard the beat to the final track early 2019. The beat spoke to me as the brandy sample “best friend” guided my direction for the track.

With the vibe of the beat, alongside my own personal experiences I was able to narrate a story. It just so happens that the bars I made all those years ago was the perfect start to the story.

3. From this track, we can tell your style is very smooth and nostalgic but what would you say best describes your style?

I guess smooth might be the best description with melodic being a close second as with every beat I jump on I want people listening to bop their heads without them even knowing.

4. We understand you work full time? How’s that impacted your music?

It’s not been the easy. The time I have to give to work alongside my professional qualifications consumes a lot of energy. Meaning the time I have to make music has suffered but you know….. bills need paying. I haven't been able to take music as seriously as I'd like, considering I’ve been in and around it all my life. However, 2021 I’m trying to change that.

5. Are there any musical inspirations for “Best Friend”? Or just in general?

Not necessarily. The premise of the story primarily came from the beat and those first few bars I had. However, to narrate the story I wanted to display, I used my personal experiences.

6. What can we expect from Swarve after this?

From here onwards, I really just want to put more music out into the world. Lockdown 2020 allowed me to write a lot more music so I have more music to share. More visuals and an EP is the aim, Its’ just all about timing . This is just the beginning for me

Track and video will be live tomorrow.

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