Celebrating Tiana Major9 - A Force To Be Reckoned With

East London native, Tiana Major9 is making remarkable moves in the RnB realm and its worth unpacking. Her journey in the industry began in 2019 when Miss Major9 signed to Motown Records. With so much stifling in the music industry due to the pandemic, Tiana still rose to international success surrounded by greats in a variety of genres. Collaborations with the likes of EARTHGANG, Stormzy and Lucky Daye encouraged and gave her great stages to shine in.

Moments like the MOBO’s and GRAMMY nominations are great for an artist to know the work they do is heard and appreciated. For Tiana and her fans, this was a great milestone, however, we all know there is a lot that goes on under the surface of any creative process.

Tiana mentions to ‘The Forty-Five’ details on her early attempts to manoeuvre into the industry, “I didn’t know where to start. I was emailing people, asking to get on performance line-ups, pretending to be my own manager. They all aired me!”

After many attempts, one person replied and from then on it was a snowball effect, Tiana was performing on the East London musical scene. This resilience and many others are the reason she deserves to be celebrated.

Part of what makes Tiana such a lovable artist is her relationship with her music. Starting out singing covers and acoustic renditions of unreleased music with her core fanbase interested me. I enjoy the real relationship an artist has with their music, the shy approach to putting it all out there, for Tiana specifically, her music is raw, honest, delicate and intentional, she uses her music to speak, not to just be heard but to share her perspective on love, life, relationships with herself and others and our vices.

RnB is a genre gone un-nurtured in the UK music scene, less exposure, little push, less radio play, there’s little room to grow however, Tiana Major9 is excelling in the Uk aswell as in the states where she’s made her present force and garnered fans worldwide with her approach in music.

I am a fan of her music, so on a personal note, my first opinions of Tiana Major9 was her authenticity in her lyrics, her ability to paint clear relatable imagery from her words and melodies. She’s experimental and unconventional, she’s an intellectual and I enjoy her position in RnB. Tiana is an artist to watch, to enjoy and appreciate.

Listen to the newly released remix of “Same Space?” With our VNT favourite SiR.



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