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Usher vs Chris Brown - Who would win?

Over the past couple of months, various artists have been taking part in 'Verzuz Battles' where they've battled it out to see who has the best music catalogue. So when social media users requested for a Verzuz Battle between Usher and Chris Brown, I couldn't help but think, who would actually win?

It's fair to say that they're both talented R&B musicians, songwriters and dancers. I'll even go far to say that they're both strong contenders for the King of R&B title, but that's a conversation for another day. I grew up listening to both musicians and I really love both of their music, so choosing a winner would definitely be a difficult task.

Although Chris Brown confirmed that this will not be happening, I'm still intrigued about who would win. So I've compiled a list of 10 of their songs to see who could ultimately win.

1. Let it Burn vs Say Goodbye

Let it Burn has to be one of my favourite Usher songs ever. Say Goodbye is also one of my favourite Chris Brown songs. I love both songs because they're the type of songs that will get you in your feelings for absolutely no reason. So because I love them both, it's going to have to be a draw for me.

Winner: Both

2. Confessions Part II v Deuces

Even though I love the intro for Deuces, the chorus in Confessions II alone and the iconic music video wins this round for me. Winner: Usher

3. You Make Me Wanna v Yo (Excuse Me Miss) These songs are from the earlier days of both artists and I love how both music videos showcase their dancing talent as well as their singing ability! Simply because they're both classics, they're both winners in my eyes.

Winner: Both

4. My Boo ft Alicia Keys v Superhuman ft Keri Hilson

If I ever had to list my favourite duets ever, My Boo would easily be in my top 5. Don't get me wrong, Superhuman is a great song, but My Boo will always be superior.

Winner: Usher

5. Features: P. Diddy ft Usher & Loon - I Need a Girl Part 1 v Jordan Sparks ft Chris Brown - No Air

I've always strongly believed that Usher is the person who made 'I Need a Girl' the classic that it is. However, when 'No Air' is brought into the equation, Chris Brown made it into a more memorable feature.

Winner: Chris Brown

6. Climax v Back to Sleep I know most people wouldn't put Climax in their top 10 Usher tracks, but it's actually one of my favourite Usher songs. However, the beautiful sampling of Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing, in Back to Sleep means that Chris Brown wins this round for me.

Winner: Chris Brown

7. You Remind Me v With You

I'm sure I'm not the only person who sings both of these songs with the most vim. But if I'm being very honest, I think With You takes this round for me only because the chorus is so cute.

Winner: Chris Brown

8. You Got it Bad v She Aint You

The chorus for You Got It Bad yeah? I could sing it all day! As for She Ain't You, once again it's the sample for me. Chris Brown sampled SWV - Right Here, which in turn sampled Michael Jackson - Human Nature, and I think it worked out very well

Winner: Both

9. Features: Lil Jon ft Usher and Ludacris - Lovers and Friends v Meek Mill ft Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown - All Eyes on You

Usher contributed to making Lovers and Friends a classic. On the other hand, I think that All Eyes on You has also become a modern classic. Simply because All Eyes on You is the song I randomly blurt out the most, Chris Brown wins this round for me. Winner: Chris Brown

10. Yeah! ft Lil Jon and Ludacris v Look At Me Now ft Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne Yeah! came out when I was in primary school and Look At Me Now came out when I was in secondary school. I'm making this point because they're both some of the memorable songs from my childhood. Both iconic and catchy, this round is also another draw for me, sorry. Winner: Both

The results of the above rounds: Usher won 2 rounds

Chris Brown won 4 rounds

There were draws in 4 rounds.

Although technically Chris Brown won more rounds than Usher in the above rounds, because there were so many rounds with draws, I'm going to conclude that overall it will be a draw.

If they were to actually face each other in a Verzuz Battle, who do you think will win?

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