V + T Rates: "Chilombo" - Jhene Aiko

March 2020, Jhene Aiko dropped her long-anticipated album “Chilombo”. A compilation of slow RnB, with the implementation of healing sounds and instruments.

Aiko mentions in an interview with Billboard’s Carl Lamarre,

“One of my purposes as an artist is to help aid people in the healing process.”

Using crystal alchemy as a meditative instrument, she also mentions that the tracks “LOVE’, ‘Magic Hour”, “Speak” and “Surrender” are tied to specific chakras in relation to the track titles. 

We give this album a 7/10 as there is an evident amount of value added in the production and Jhene’s intention to offer musical therapy to her listeners, however this seems to limit her ability to have a more versatile album. Jhene is well known for her relatable lyricism and emotional thoughts balanced with softness and her soothing tone. 

In total, a pristine, clean, sensual and an appropriate number of features that complemented each track. This album is one to come back to. 

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