Mereba - The Jungle Is The Only Way Out (Visual EP)

We will be sharing with you every week a video that we believe will push every creative during a creative block. Our first pill is by Mereba - The Jungle Is The Only Way Out (Visual EP).

This gorgeous 'visual EP' for singer-songwriter Mereba makes every second of its seven-minute run length count. Director Dawit never fails to catch the singer’s best angles in every way, whether she’s posted up in a tree in the desert or just waking up from a discouraged slumber as her lover lingers in the background. It’s gorgeously shot, too.

Dawit N.M. catches the blues, yellows, oranges and reds of the sunset as Mereba and her friends dance along the shore of a beach. He makes every colour pop in every scene, igniting warm emotions and placing great attention on the beautiful structure of the story.

Director: Dawit N.M. Production

Executive Producers: Salim El Arja and Jordan I. Cardoso

Cast: Jalan Durimel, Jibril Durimel, Zalma Bour, Jade Frank, Sam Hoffman, Melanesia Hunter, and Mallory Leisten

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