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Wondering how your favourite albums were curated? From conception to birth. Perhaps, you want to know the inspirations behind them and who was involved?


Well, you’re at the right place. This segment will showcase the intricate journeys and processes various artist partook in the curation of their albums. We get to dive deeper into these details and perhaps find some inspirations for ourselves.


 The Juice Cartel

Usually, you’d see a DJ in a space full of people showcasing their talent but 'The Juice Cartel' aims to showcase DJ’s all over the world in a way that is unorthodox. Just by themselves in a space with their audiences on the other side of the screen. 


With our aim being intimacy, we want to provide our audiences with the opportunity to follow through with some amazing live sets in the comfort of their own homes.


Our first DJ is @rare.treat. She shared with us her amazing set live from Sierra Leone and some experiences and tips for anyone interested in the craft.  


If you missed it, we got you.

Screenshot 2020-07-12 at 00.11.17.png

Album Streams

Benji Flow - BENERGY

“An intro into my world. This is the beginning of a sound I’ve always wanted to show the world. Now the world can listen to it in one go!”

This EP is not short of energy and continuous vibes. It's the perfect riddem for an unforgettable summer. 

This EP consists of 6 tracks; each concise and evoking a vibe that only comes with Benji and still managing to  embrace different sounds too.

Stream this album and let us know your thoughts.

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